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What Lottery winners spend their earnings on? A revealing Jeebboo survey…

Winning the lottery remains -even today- an elusive dream for millions of people worldwide. Despite the miserable odds, people can’t help dreaming about winning the lottery, hoping that someday their ticket will include the  magical numbers that will instantly make them instantly millionaires and change their lifestyle for the best.

Dreaming about winning the lottery is one thing, but what about the people who actually did succeed in winning the lottery and becoming millionaires? How did they actually spend or invest their money? Since the topic was quite interesting, a Jeebboo poll was created: “If I won the lottery, I would…”

It seems that the majority of the Jeebboo members are down to earth kind of people -since 42% of them answered ‘Make Savings’- resisting the temptation of spending ‘big bucks’ on useless things; instead, these Jeebboo members try keep a low profile, firmly determined to only spend a small portion of their money for what they deem that is absolutely necessary (necessities), preferring instead to turn their earnings into savings in order to be able to face difficulties in the future or the prospect of ‘rainy days’ coming upon us all.

Second most popular choice of the Jeebboo members was ‘Make big charities’. This is a valuable insight by the Jeebboo members, that is re-affirmed by actual facts. In fact, according to a study by Camelot and Oxford economists in the UK,  19% of the UK lottery winners (since 1994) have contributed to donations and charities, while 31% of them  even undertook unpaid voluntary work for the greater good of their community.

Purchase a bigger/better property or mansion ranked 3rd among the Jeebboo member preferences (‘Buy a mansion’).This is also another valid choice by the Jeebboo members, since according to a Camelot & Oxford economics survey, £2,72 billion were spend by UK lottery winners on a brand-new main property. This is another logical pick by the Jeebboo members, since a new home, will upgrade our living standards and (will) also provide us with all the latest luxuries that we always wanted to purchase & experience, but didn’t actually had the money to do it – things such as: a sauna, a swimming pool, a personal gym, and others.

Finally, another 15% of the Jeebboo members admitted that they would strongly consider purchasing a luxury car (‘Buying a fancy car’), which also holds true according to the statistics. More specific, in the UK, over that £460 million were spend by lottery winners (since 1994) on buying luxury cars, with Audi being the most popular choice, closely followed by Range Rover and BMW. A total of 17,190 luxury cars have been bought by lottery millionaires with the average price of a winner’s car being at £46,116.

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